About Us

New construction can be a great opportunity, but like any major investment decision, it should be made with great care.With over twenty years of combined experience, and an extensive knowledge about both new and existing homes in San Francisco, we can make things work for you regardless of if the market is warming up or cooling down. We know our neighborhoods, the market, we tour extensively (30+ properties in an average week), and leverage our network of real estate resources so we can delight our clients, especially when it comes to buying or selling in new construction.

Clients for Life
We both come from backgrounds in high-tech, and bring an “information wants to be free” and “let’s use technology to make this easier” attitude to working with our clients. We’ve been known to make videos of new construction interiors to help overseas and out of state clients get a better understanding of a home’s layout and light. You can visit our YouTube page to see just a few of the many San Francisco neighborhood videos we’ve made over the years.  We believe buying and selling in new construction should be as easy, connected, and simple as technology will allow. But just because we can to move rapidly doesn’t mean you have to. We don’t respond well to high-pressure tactics, so we never use them with our clients. We want you as a client for life.

Where do we go from here?
Chat us up any time. Regardless of the place, time or topic, we’re here to listen so that we can help you do great with new construction buildings in San Francisco real estate.

Why Zephyr?
For more than 25 years, Zephyr has been one of the most highly acclaimed real estate firms in San Francisco. As the largest independent real estate firm in the city, Zephyr understands the San Francisco market like no one else. Zephyr supports our needs by investing in great tools and technology, allowing us to spend our time with you and not on tinkering with tools in the background.