SF Overlook Update

Forest Knolls is home to the controversial project San Francisco Overlook, a new condo development situated in a neighborhood that is almost exclusively single family homes. Neighborhood opposition to the project has been vocal, and the draft EIR was released last year.

The Proposed San Francisco Overlook Development

The Proposed San Francisco Overlook Development

The project sponsor – SF Overlook Development, LLC – recently let us know that SF Overlook will be going in front of the planning commission on March 7.

In preparation for that meeting, they have announced an informal neighborhood get together that will provide a sneak peek at floor plans and the latest drawings and designs.


What are your thoughts about this development? Neighbors have objected to the increase of traffic on residential streets and the project density, and have also expressed concerns about the seismic suitability of the site for development. All of these points and more are addressed in the EIR (environmental impact report), feel free to take a read if you’d like to look at the project sponsor’s response to neighborhood concerns.

And if you are confused about what the proposed development is, here’s a little project background:

  • 34 homes (approximately 65,750 square feet of residential¬†space)
  • A new paved, approximately 20-foot-wide, 700-foot-long private street
  • Twenty-four of the 34 residences would be constructed as duplexes (with a two-story upper unit above a two-story lower unit) in 12 buildings
  • A single building with ten townhomes would be constructed on the¬†western side of the site
  • 30 three-bedroom homes
  • 4 two-bedroom homes
  • 68 parking spaces, using car stackers to create most of the parking spaces

Say what you will about the development, it is the only place I can think of right now where there are even plans for thirty three bedroom homes. I’d love to hear your comments about SF Overlook!

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