The Marlow

The Marlow. Also known as 1800 Van Ness Avenue, and known to the planning department as 1800 Van Ness or 1754 Clay St., the Marlow sits in Nob Hill at the intersection of – you guessed it – Van Ness Avenue and Clay Street. The Washingtonian at 1840 Washington is the closest “new” development, and as you may recall that building and sold out rather quickly. And although the two projects are only about a block apart, being on opposite sides of Van Ness Ave. puts them in different neighborhoods. The Washingtonian is considered Pacific Heights.


The Marlow is a bigger building, but given how much more demand there has been compared to supply, my hunch is that sales will also go rather swiftly when the sales center opens their doors in a few months.

The developer has chosen Polaris Pacific to handle the sales and marketing for the project.

The site was once home at a Fedex Kinko’s, and the original intent was to build out a senior housing project. The developer of that project, though, lost their financing and the lot was sold for $4,250,000 to a different developer that moved forward with condominium homes for everyone, not just the old folks.

Marlow building facts:

  • 98 homes in the development, 15 of which will be below market-rate homes (located on-site). 
  • The approved plans called for
    • 43 one bedroom homes
    • 51 two bedroom homes
    • 2 three bedroom homes
  • 103 – 104 parking spaces, of which 3 – 4 must be designated as “car share” spots. It appears that all of the parking will be for the residential units with no parking provided for the commercial space (the commercial space at The Marlow comes in 100 square feet under the threshold that would require commercial parking spaces).
  • 4,900 square feet of ground floor commercial space
  • 41 bicycle parking spots

The project is described as:

Nestled within three classic San Francisco neighborhoods, Marlow enjoys access to the beauty, restaurants and culture of its surroundings. Home to ninety-eight condominium residences, Marlow’s architecture and interiors will reflect the ideals of modern city life. Located on the corner of Van Ness Avenue and Clay Street, Marlow will be available for move in early 2014.

No word on pricing – yet – but you can be sure we will keep you up to date. Sign up below if you’d like to learn more about The Marlow as information becomes available.



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