Leticia’s No More @ 2200 Market St.

Leticia’s is no more. Again. 2200 Market St. is the future home to a residential condominium project that will featureĀ 22 homes above two ground floor commercial spaces and underground parking. The building is in the Duboce Triangle neighborhood.

Here’s a brief overview from the planning department:

[2200 Market Street] involves the demolition of a one-story, approximately 2,900-square-foot, commercial building and an adjacent 10-space surface parking lot for the construction of a new, 50-foottall, five-story, mixed-use building totaling approximately 36,600 square feet (sf). [2200 Market St] would include 22 dwelling units totaling approximately 22,110 sf, approximately 4,817 sf of ground floor commercial space, and a 13-space subterranean garage for residential use with vehicle ingress/egress on 15th Street. The project site is located on a triangular block on the northwestern side of Market Street, on the block bounded by 15th Street to the north and Noe Street to the south, and is within the Upper Market Neighborhood Commercial Transit (NCT) zoning district and 50-X height and bulk district and the Market Octavia Area Plan. The Upper Market NCT allows for a Special Height Exception of an additional 5 feet of height for ground floor active uses. The proposed project would require Planning Commission authorization since the size of the commercial use is greater than 3,000 square feet and because more than 0.5 parking spaces would be provided per residential unit.

I was on my way to the most awesome barbershop in all of San Francisco – Joe’s barbershop – last week and happened upon a very hungry bulldozer that was apparently in the mood for a Mexican restaurant. Click on any image for a larger version and slideshow.

No word on pricing or availability for the new homes at 2200 Market St. If you’re the kind of person that thinks the glass is always half-full, you could calendar late 2013 into your schedule. If you’re the half-empty type of person, you might want to figure on late spring of 2014. Either way, we’ll keep you updated as the building at 2200 Market starts to take shape. What are your thoughts?

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