1266 9th Ave construction

A funeral home no more, the demolition of the former Sullivan funeral home and adjacent parking lot at 1266 9th Avenue between Irving and Lincoln in the Inner Sunset was approved by the planning department in 2008. As you can see from the pictures below, the funeral home has, well, passed on to a better place (no word on where the services were held, if any).  In its place will rise a four-story building with 15 residential units over approximately 5,600 square feet of ground floor retail with a 16-space parking garage underneath.

La Boulange is interested in the ground floor commercial space, which is ironic because they are now owned by Starbucks, which has a store right around the corner on Irving. I suppose that we can now look forward to a La Boulange around every corner, which isn’t a bad thing given how awful the pastries at Starbucks are, but I digress…

Construction at 1266 9th Ave. in the Inner Sunset. Photo: Matt Fuller, GRI

Based on the looks of things, I’d say this project will be complete in mid 2013 at the earliest, with fall being a more realistic move-in date for the new owners above and the delicious pastries below. According to the planning department, La Boulange would like about 3,100 square feet of the available retail space. No word on who is interested in the remaining commercial space

When complete, 1266 9th Ave will join some other great Inner Sunset infill development projects, like 1300 7th Ave. that was built in 2003 (aka 555 Irving) and the condo homes that were built at 1327 7th Ave. in 2009 (and just completed their sales this year, with the developer holding them off the market instead of selling in a down market). Stay tuned for more construction photos from 1266 9th Ave. as the building begins to go up.


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