300 Ivy Construction Photos in Hayes Valley

Hayes Valley is getting a new condo development – construction at 300 Ivy is underway, as you can see from the pictures below. What was once a freeway off ramp and then a parking lot for almost 20 years is finally on its way to becoming condo homes with ground floor commercial space.

According to the planning department, 300 Ivy will add the following real estate to the Hayes Valley neighborhood:

  • 63 new homes, 9 of which will be on-site below market rate/inclusionary housing homes
  • 5,000 square feet of ground floor commercial space
  • 35 off-street residential parking spots
  • 2 car-share parking spots.

300 Ivy will have two distinct buildings, a five story building along the north-eastern side (Gough and Grove) as well as townhomes on the south-west side of the site, with individual townhome entrances along Ivy Street. The commercial space will obviously be in the larger five story building.

According to the approved planning documents, 300 Ivy will feature:

  • One studio condo (1% of the condo homes)
  • 23 one bedroom condo homes (37% of condos)
  • 34 two bedroom homes (54% of the homes)
  • Five three bedroom town-homes (8%)

No word on which homes will get the parking spot, or if parking will be assigned or valet. My assumption and experience is that the studio and one bedroom homes will lose out on the parking spots (also, coincidentally allowing the developer to advertise lower “starting from” prices for the entire project). That said, 300 Ivy/401 Grove is in an incredibly transit friendly and very walk-able location, so investing in a condo at 300 Ivy/401 Grove without parking doesn’t seem like the worst idea on the planet.

I’ll do some more digging (pardon the horrible pun) to come up with finishes and additional information about condo homes at 300 Ivy, but until then I hope you enjoy the construction pictures. It was nice to actually have some sun on an August day!



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