325 Fremont picked up by Crescent Heights

Crescent Heights, the developer that brought us The Metropolitan on 1st street and is the current owner of both 1401 Market (rentals currently under construction, mid-market area) and 45 Lansing has added another building site to their SF portolio: 325 Fremont.

325 Fremont, viewed from intersection of Harrison and Fremont

According to the SF Business Times, the site at 325 Fremont is entitled for 70 residences. To quote from the article:

The Fremont Street site is one of a handful of Rincon Hill sites that were entitled during before the neighborhood plan was adopted in 2005. That means that it will be a lot shorter than many of the Rincon Hill buildings — but it also exempts the builder from some of the hefty impact fees that come with the higher density. Crescent Heights could take it back through planning to add height and density, but that is unlikely. “It seems like they are going to built it as entitled,” said Shaw.

As you can see from the above photo, anything will be a welcome addition to the 300 block of Fremont St.

Depending on when construction begins, the area could soon find itself to be a rather busy spot, with potential construction happening at building two of One Rincon Hill, 45 Lansing, 333 Harrison and now 325 Fremont.

If you’ve got any other tips or news about what will be built or when it will happen, drop us a line. We’d love to hear your thoughts and promise to keep your name out of it (unless you want your name all in it).



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