Where the Pipeline Is

The San Francisco Planning Department publishes a quarterly pipeline report. It is a detailed look at all of the applications received for development by the planning department, and while you can track your favorite projects with it, some general development trends also stand out to my eye.

The below map is a mashup of 3 maps found in the Q3 2011 report (the latest that I can find on their website).

SF Planning Pipeline


A few things stand out to me:

1) Could we please come up with a standardized list of neighborhoods and use them consistently? SFAR has their neighborhood map, google has theirs, and SF planning, of course, has theirs.

2) I was fascinated to see how commercial and residential development – for the most part – align with each other. While not every project in the pipeline report will end up being built, you can definitely see that the Eastern side of the city is the popular spot to be for both commercial and residential developers. Density is in, for the moment at least. Rincon Hill, South of Market, Mission Bay, and the Central Waterfront continue to be areas that are targeted for extensive development.

3) While I will highlight particular projects in upcoming posts, there are just a handful of projects that account for the bulk of the homes in the current pipeline, and these are clustered around the redevelopment of Park Merced, continuing development in the Candlestick area, and more high-density developments in the Mission Bay/SOMA/Rincon Hill/South Beach neighborhoods of San Francisco.

4) The relative lack of projects in the Bayview/Hunters Point area suggests that changes to these neighborhoods (gentrification) are a long ways down the road.

Those are a few of my general observations about development trends in San Francisco. What stands out to you on the map? If you’d like a copy of the pipeline report that this map is based on, you can download the PDF directly from the planning department.


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