299 Valencia

The website for 299 Valencia has gone live. Right now it isn’t much more than a placeholder with some lovely ‘lifestyle images’ and a registration page – but I expect that soon enough plenty of info will be up, including pricing, floor plans, and all that good stuff about these new condos. They’ve followed my twitter account, so they must be real, right?

According to the website, condos at 299 Valencia St. will start in the $400,000s, and there are a total of 36 one (1) and two (2) bedroom homes available. 32 of the condos will be market rate, with four below market rate homes. The ground floor will have a retail/commercial space of about 5,000 square feet.

Here’s a rendering from the website of the developer, JS Sullivan:

Rendering of 299 Valencia

Located at the corner of 14th and Valencia, the condos are in the Inner Mission neighborhood on the MLS map. If you’ve been following the planning department website, you’ll know that there was controversy and neighborhood pushback over the variance that was granted to the developer, allowing them to build .75 parking spots per home instead of what is allowed by the Market/Octavia neighborhood plan (.50 parking spots per home).  According to my math, that puts 27 parking spots in the building (although two spots are dedicated to City Car Share). The question becomes, then,  which 11 condos don’t get parking?

I’m willing to bet that all of the below market rate condos will be without parking, and 7 of the one bedroom homes as well. While I haven’t seen pricing yet, I’m going to guess that homes with parking don’t start in the $400,000s. 299 Valencia is an incredibly bike and pedestrian friendly location, part of the argument for keeping the parking spots at 18 instead of 27. And hey, if your main occupation is porn star, you won’t need a car since you’ll be able to walk down the street to the headquarters of kink.com [NSFW, although the splash page is].

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Disclaimer: Neither Matt Fuller, GRI, Britton Jackson, CRS, or Zephyr Real Estate represent the developer or are the exclusive listing agent. The developer of 299 Valencia is represented exclusively by Polaris Group (which is the new development spin-off of Zephyr, but that is another story entirely).


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