45 Lansing Inches Closer to Reality

The sharp eyes over at SF curbed noted that a placeholder has gone up for 45 Lansing development in the South Beach neighborhood.

The 45 Lansing project has quite a history, which I’ll sum up below (information below is from jacksonfuller.com):

The site was once owned by Turnberry Associates, which paid $30,000,000 for the site in 2006. They recently unloaded the site, having not moved a shovel of dirt, to Crescent Heights (the same folks that turned a tidy little profit on the nearby Metropolitan project) for $13,000,000.

The project was in front of the Planning Commission on April 14, 2011 for a variance approval that would increase the number of units from 227 to 320, and also increase the number of parking spaces from 227 to 265. The building size isn’t changing, but the developer will build more, smaller residences (a lot more studios) and fewer, larger residences (completely dropping the 3 bedroom layout) to accomodate the increase in units…


You can read the meeting minutes from the planning commission if you like, but the quick answer is that the changes were approved.

While the site has been busy changing hands and waiting for various approvals, it has been turned into a home for urban pollinators (which is fancy-speak for the bees and the butterflies).

However, since the urban pollinators are still in possession of the site and ground hasn’t been broken, I think it’s safe to say that “coming soon” is a relative term, and that it will still be quite some time before these condos arrive in One Rincon Hill.

Moral of the story? It’s a lot easier to build a website for a condo project in San Francisco then it is to actually build the condo project.

Have additional information or tips about 45 Lansing? Please get in touch with us, we’d love to hear what you know.

Disclaimer: We are not the listing agents for 45 Lansing, and we don’t know who will be representing the project. When we find out we will be sure to let you know.

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